Jobs With The Best Outlooks During Covid-19

 The coronavirus hit the world hard in 2020, there’s no way to sugarcoat that. In different aspects of human life, this virus demonstrated a freakish tenacity to disrupt regular life. Everywhere, people experienced a new dimension of a world where there is no projection for when things can return to normal. And, in the midst of all this, people lost their jobs when covid-19 started.


With the need for businesses to suspend some aspects of their operations in order to reduce costs, a lot of people were laid off from their jobs. Around the world, people were laid off from their jobs and many of them had to go into lockdown unemployed. 


In April, about 26 million people were reported to have lost their jobs in the United States alone. And in May, the Department of Labor and Employment in the Philippines estimated that 10 million people were going to lose their jobs due to the pandemic. The story is the same in many countries around the world.


While there are people who lost their jobs during this pandemic, there are also people who did not and, for many of the people in this group, job security is a reality. Many people do not consider their jobs or skills capable of security, but there are jobs that were very much secure during this pandemic. We will look at some of them here.


Why Are Some Jobs Secure And Others Not During A Pandemic?


The first thing to consider here is the context of the pandemic. When the crisis came to the point where a lockdown was imminent, it became very clear that many people who worked certain physical jobs were going to be unemployed. As much as it can be devastating to lose a job you needed, it is not uncommon. Many people who worked as cleaners, or physical support staff were laid off from their jobs because there was no need for them and no one would pay you to do nothing.


Jobs like catering assistant, product demonstrator, parts specialist, and counter sales declined in demand between March and May, according to Glassdoor Economic Research. And these are just some of the jobs that declined. Others are optician, tutor, bookseller, and acoustic engineer, among others. 


However, some other jobs soared in demand. Jobs in technical support/customer service, online assistant, telesales executive, web developer, data analyst, graphic designer, IT specialist, and retail merchandiser soared in demand according to the Glassdoor report. These are just some of the jobs that were measured by this report. 


The following are some of the most resilient jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic. These are jobs that were not threatened by the pandemic and are now in high demand during. 


1.Digital Marketing


People who work as digital marketers did not need to worry about job security for the most part because their roles remained valid in most organizations. With most people turning to online services and looking to audiences online, this role became more important because it involves creating and managing online campaigns to boost sales and increase revenue. 


Digital marketing remote jobs also surged in demand on remote platforms like and Indeed, with many companies bringing on more hands to increase their capacity to continue growing their business by leveraging the online audience.


2. IT/Technical Support


Many people working in IT/tech support did not suffer any threats to their job in most cases. This is due to the fact that IT support is considered to be physically distance-proof and capable of running online fully. 


As more and more businesses moved their operations online, the need for technical support staff increased and in most cases opened more jobs for people who had the skill.


3. Web Developers


Web development job opportunities increased during the Covid-19 era due to the drive to get new websites. Traditional business owners and many more people realized they had to tap into the power of the Internet to increase their net worth and reach and this meant getting websites to showcase their brand and products. 


Also, though Zoom fast gained traction as a means of teleconferencing among people, web developers were still tasked with creating websites that could guarantee efficient communication for brands. Truly, there was no dearth of jobs for web developers during the lockdown period.


4. Data Analyst


During the Covid-19 era, there has been an explosion of data across the world. Many brands have recognized the increasing need to analyze data and utilize it for purposes which range from targeted marketing to gaining traction for new products etc. 


To analyze data, however, there is a need for data analysts who do the main work. These data analysts utilize a wide range of applications to inspect, cleanse, transform and ultimately model data. At the end, companies are able to garner better conclusions from data and their decision-making processes were improved


5. Graphics Designers


Graphics are the new cool. Many companies, start-ups, entertainers, and government agencies came to this realization during the Covid-19 era. With great designs, advertisements could gain better traction, information could be digested quickly and efficiently without hassle.


To create these designs, there is always a need for graphics designers. These professionals are cherished for their out-of-the-box thinking approach in attending to design tasks. Truly, their jobs will continue to remain secure.


In conclusion, so much has been said of the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, it has opened the path for some jobs and industries. Many people now see the need to harness the power of the Internet to boost their productivity and tap into new markets: to do this efficiently, the jobs discussed in this article are needed.


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