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Chatting is what we know how to do, and we have the technology and human talent to do it with excellence.

“Thanks to the working methodology and the nature of chatting with real people we have been able to build an additional sales channel to capture the need in real time and be able to manage next steps of a prospect. Very happy to work together and make them part of our business development.”

María Eugenia Raffaele

Business Director Globant

Simplify the way you connect with your customers.

Chat Center combines technology and human talent, offering innovative solutions for social commerce, sales and customer service via chat.

Well Trained Agents

Forget about turnover, training and recruiting your team of Chatters.

Multi-language 24/7/365

More than 10,000 agents. 24/7 and Multi-Language teams for your company.

Efficiency and flexibility

Variable capacity according to demand. Extended hours.

The most complete conversational solution.

Chat Center is integrated to your company, so that your customers live an exceptional experience.


Integrations with your CRM


Multiple languages


Agents on demand


Tailor-made training


Exclusive account supervisors


Premium support


Artificial intelligence

How Assist Card increased sales through chat support.

We implemented Chat Center in times of pandemic and uncertainty, where the Assist Card website customer began to have doubts and concerns of all kinds before embarking on their trip. The main objective of this action was to help the user and provide a better experience in the contracting process within Flow.

The results were very successful, not only did we manage to provide greater support and guidance to the user, but we also had a direct impact on the conversion rate and revenue since the activation of the chat.


José Roggero

eCommerce manager

Omnichannel chat customer service and support.

The new generation of customers communicates through Chat, WhatsApp or social networks.

Provide the experience your customers expect.


We create your sales team that will offer your products through WhatsApp Shopping and social networks.

Appointment scheduling, opportunity capture, online quotes and much more.

Power your business through the channels where your customers spend most of their time.