Design your ChatBot according to the needs of your users

Optimize your ChatBot so it can answer frequently asked questions and allow your agents to focus on selling.

A fast response equals a high satisfaction rate.


“Thanks to the working methodology and the nature of chatting with real people we have been able to build an additional sales channel to capture the need in real time and be able to manage next steps of a prospect. Very happy to work together and make them part of our business development.”

María Eugenia Raffaele

Business Director Globant

Integrate a Chatbot to attend customers

Hybrid Customer Service

Create a care process with Chatbots and Agents to give a more complete experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence to help your assistants focus on what's important.

Response Efficiency

A ChatBot can respond quickly 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Covers times of demand

A ChatBot allows your agents more time to answer queries.

Recurrent training

A ChatBot requires constant training to achieve adequate and accurate responses.

Connect databases

Solve queries that require information search by connecting your ChatBot.

Artificial intelligence in the sales process

By combining customer service with Chatbots and virtual assistants, more efficient responses and more satisfied customers are achieved.

Empower your business with a direct and intimate connection with your customers.

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