You can find all the options related to the configuration of your console.

Step 1: You can send invitations to different emails so they can access the console. You can grant these users permissions (read only or administrator).

* Read Only (will be able to review the console without generating changes), Administrator (will be able to edit the knowledge base, approve suggested questions). The only user with permissions to view the administration section is the Owner user of the account.

Step 2: Allows you to download your archived chats to a .CSV file. If you wish, you can make a selection of the chats to download, based on filters.


Step 3: You will be able to configure the emails associated with the tickets generated by your chatters. These tickets will also be sent to the emails associated with each name.


Step 4: You will be able to see and add new Tags, which will be available to be added in the chats attended by your team of agents.


Selecting the “Add” option, a window will be displayed where you must enter the Type, Label (tag name), the color to identify the console and a description of it.

Step 5: From here you can view all the invoices related to the payments you have made to ChatCenter Network and download it.


Step 6: You will be able to configure and make payments for your conversation packages.


Step 7:
> The first time you enter, you must enter your credit card information and select the option to pay, to purchase your first package of conversations.
> This payment method will be registered for your future purchases. You can also modify it by selecting the option “change payment information”.


Automatic renewal: if you activate this functionality, the system will charge you automatically, once your conversation package has been used up. In this way, you prevent the service from pausing when your credits run out.

Step 8: You will be able to connect your WhatsApp Business API and the Facebook or Instagram accounts associated with the Meta account with which you log-in.


(Must have admin or editor permission)

Step 9: You will find the steps to manage the connections of your ChatCenter console with your Mercado Libre accounts.


To add an account, you just have to click on the “Add” button in the upper right and follow the steps indicated on the next slide.

Step 10: Once you select the “Add” option, the following window is displayed.


You must indicate the country of your account and click on “Connect With Mercado Libre”. This will take you to log in to your account. Once these details are entered, the connection will be established and your chatters will begin to receive queries that enter your account.

Step 11: In this tab you will find the steps to place the chat button on your web page.


You must copy and paste the code that appears in this section, and place it before the body Tag on all pages of your site. If you have more than one business in your ChatCenter console, you can choose the site and the system will give you the corresponding code for each one.

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