Are you looking for Technology for your agents or Technology + Sales agents?

You can hire technology for your own agents or a sales team powered by our platform.


WhatsApp multi-agent platform


/ month or 1000 Chats




WhatsApp platform + social networks + ChatBot


/ month or 1000 Chats




Omnichannel platform + Sales Agents + ChatBot


/ month or 500 Chats



High sales and visitors volume?

If you have high demand, a complex operation or are looking to migrate your phone support to Chat, we can customize a proposal for you.

A complete solution with trained sales agents??

Enterprise Team Plan

Omnichannel platform plus trained agents that will attend and sell through WhastApp, Chat and Social Networks.

All our plans include Multiple Agents, 24 hour support and WhatsApp at no additional cost.

How a leading digital media group has managed to increase sales while reducing costs.

“The migration from phone support to chat support with Chat Center has been a success. We started with a test and working with only one vertical. Today, we are working with 4 business units. Our customers are extremely satisfied with the service provided, reaching unimaginable satisfaction rates.”

Cristina de la Fuente

Business Manager Grupo El Comercio

Frequently Asked Questions

A Chat is all the conversation you have with a customer in the course of 24 hours. If the same customer chats again after 24 hours, it is considered a new Chat.

Yes, our platform is prepared to work with your own agents or Chat Center agents.

There is no additional cost. You can connect all available channels in Chat Center.

Yes, all plans include both the ChatBot technology and its design and training.

Yes, you can contract our platform, which includes the ChatBot.

WhatsApp Business is an App that can be downloaded from the Apple or Android App store. WhatsApp API can only be connected through the WhatsApp API and has no App. Both WhatsApp solutions allow you to serve your customers and showcase products, but they have different features that we can show you in a virtual meeting.

Yes, to use our platform with WhatsApp, you must have your own WhatsApp number. Chat Center can help you obtain such a number.

We have more than 10 thousand agents distributed around the world. We can create local or distributed teams, according to your company’s needs.

We have an in-depth training process, which we have already applied to more than 100 sales teams. Additionally, we have a knowledge base integrated to our console that captures all the key information for the sale. Finally, you will be able to monitor all your team’s conversations and adjust the sales pitch.

In Chat Center there is no minimum permanence, you will be able to renew your subscription on a monthly basis.

We can serve in more than 100 languages.

We accept credit card and bank transfer. Our prices are expressed in US dollars.

There are no set up fees. To activate your console and/or your team of agents, you just need to pay in advance for the subscription you have chosen.