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Using Drones to Market Your Small Business

The use of drones is becoming more widespread by the day, but it doesn’t have to be huge multinationals that get the benefits.


There’s no denying when a big company uses drone technology as a marketing campaign, they do it in style. Whether it is an ambitious light show in the night sky or a stunt such as Coca Cola’s recent delivery of products using drones, they can be hugely effective as a marketing tool. Luckily, even as a small business owner, you can use drones and artificial intelligence in conjunction as a marketing tool.


Ever since 2016, when the FAA introduced hundreds of drone exemptions for companies, the use of the technology has been on the rise. For a small business, the real benefit is getting an eye in the sky without hiring aircraft or taking another expensive route. Whilst drone marketing is suited to certain industries; anyone can use it. The advantage is the creation of digital content that makes you stand out from the crowd.


Every company has a social media profile these days; they probably have a website, too. That’s where you can use drone technology to your advantage. Nothing makes an impression quite like a bird’s eye view of your site, whether in real estate, ranching, entertainment, news media or another industry where you have large premises. If you wish to portray scale and scope, then getting a drone in the sky is the thing for you. If you are in real estate and working on a development, you might even use AI to program your drone to do the same journey each day, building up a great picture of progress for your investors. You might be covering a news story for a local news outlet and need a drone to circle an area to monitor progress or change, an option with a programmable drone.


What do you need to get started with creating such eye-catching marketing content? The answer is very little. You will almost certainly need a drone, and there are plenty of different types of drones available to you. Much depends on your needs – if you want a programmable one that patrols your site and works via GPS, you might pay a bit more, whilst a smaller business may wish to get a smaller one. You might be a single location coffee shop wanting an aerial picture of your outdoor facilities, in which case a standard drone, such as a swift Stream RC Z-44, will suffice. They retail at around $40 and come with a camera as standard.


If you are in news media, film production, or want many high-quality videos produced, you may want to spec up. Some drones, such as the SplashDrone 4, can be equipped with different types of drone cameras. They might be waterproof, offer night vision technology or deliver 4K resolution. Swellpro has a wide range of different camera types, starting with their fixed angle model specifically designed for the SplashDrone 4. They start at $169 for the camera, but a night vision model will be closer to the $700 mark.


The reality is this – even if you are a small retail business, if you have a website with drone footage and conversational e-commerce, you will convey an image of innovation and evolution. You will demonstrate that your company knows about technology and can adapt for the future whatever your business. First impressions are everything, and by combining drone technology with chatbots, e-commerce and other widgets and add-ons, you can get your business to make a lasting mark on customers and potential investors.

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