WhatsApp as a sales and customer service channel

agosto 27, 2021
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Created as a messaging platform, WhatsApp incorporated new functionalities, becoming today one of the main communication channels between brands and consumers, and a strong sales and customer service tool. In this article we will see the advantages and challenges of opening with a WhatsApp channel for your company.


Whatsapp, Business and API, what are we talking about?

In 2018, the WhatsApp Business version for small companies was released, and then the WhatsApp API for medium and large companies was released. This allowed brands to have a direct communication channel with their customers through one of the most used messaging platforms in the world.

The business version allows access to statistics, marketing tools, automated messages, and allows customers to quickly obtain company information such as product catalog, location, and more.


Set up your profile

WhatsApp Business allows you to create a profile for your company where you can upload relevant information for your customers.

Complete your profile to the maximum with updated data, and maintain it by modifying the profile every time your company has a change or new product. At a minimum, you need to place the name and location of your company, the hours of attention by whatsapp, and a catalog or description of products and services.


Connect WhatsApp to your social networks and website

Once you register your profile in WhatsApp Business, you have to make your new communication channel known to your customers.

Place the WhatsApp button on your website, so that with one click your visitors can get in touch with your brand. Add your WhatsApp number to your Instagram and Facebook accounts, the new Facebook Business interface allows you to manage and integrate all Facebook products in a simple and intuitive way.


Offer a 24 hour service

Simplifying your customers’ access to your brand brings more sales and many more messages. The ease of access of WhatsApp brings the expectation of a response from your company just as fast and at any time.

82% of online customers expect an immediate response, or at least in less than 30 minutes. A Facebook study reveals that less than 50% of companies meet this expectation, so offering quick service will place your brand in a differentiated position with respect to the competition. A chatbot can help you by answering queries outside of business hours, or even answering simple questions to facilitate the work of human agents.

Look for services that allow you to meet a demand 24/7, Chat Center offers you attention by WhatsApp with virtual assistants + chatbots 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


More messages means more resources

The amount of WhatsApp inquiries can put your customer service and sales team in a bind. The more messages, the longer the delay in response. If you add to this the seasonality of ecommerce, which is affected by more and more relevant dates (Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas, etc.), companies are faced with a complex service scheme.

There are solutions such as Chat Center that implement human agents for sales and customer service 24/7, where you can pay only per conversation, and not worry about the size of the team of agents or the ups and downs due to seasonality.


Payments on whatsapp

WhatsApp Pay is already available in some countries like Brazil, with the promise of making transactions as simple as sending a photo. Currently the option is available only for traditional users and not companies. However, this functionality only reinforces WhatsApp’s intentions to transform itself into an online sales and payment platform, and not simply a messenger.


Increase your sales opportunities, and make it easier for your customers to connect with your brand. Today WhatsApp is an almost mandatory channel for any medium to large brand, and this trend will only increase as new functionalities are added to the most used messaging platform in the world. Chat Center Network, has official integration with WhatsApp API, and a complete solution to offer immediate response with human agents 24 hours a day.

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