Attention and assisted sales through social networks

Social networks are one of the main online sales channels. You can apply marketing actions and also accompany the user in the buying process.


“Thanks to the working methodology and the nature of chatting with real people we have been able to build an additional sales channel to capture the need in real time and be able to manage next steps of a prospect. Very happy to work together and make them part of our business development.”

María Eugenia Raffaele

Business Director Globant

Social Media Assisted Selling

Publish your products

Publish your catalog or ecommerce to Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook.

Social Media Marketing

Connect with your followers and send messages promoting your products.

Build customer loyalty

The social media shopping experience generates a connection with the customer.

Support and assistance

Support your customers through Networks and keep them coming back to buy.

Sales agents

Our agents are specialized in social media sales.

Multiple channels

Connect different channels and social networks to a single platform.

Conversational selling is through social networks.

50% of consumers visit social networks, contact via chat and look for references before making the purchase decision.

Empower your business with a direct and intimate connection with your customers.

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