Selling through WhatsApp represents a great opportunity for the modern company.

WhatsApp, with more than 2 billion users, has become an important sales channel for companies around the world.


“Thanks to the working methodology and the nature of chatting with real people we have been able to build an additional sales channel to capture the need in real time and be able to manage next steps of a prospect. Very happy to work together and make them part of our business development.”

María Eugenia Raffaele

Business Director Globant

WhatsApp is where your customers are

Integrate your catalog

Customers will view, consult and buy your products through the catalog on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Marketing

Send news and promotions to your customers on WhatsApp.

Returning customers

If you sell via WhatsApp, your customers will save your contact and come back.

Social Selling

Develop teams of resellers, who offer and sell your products through WhatsApp.

Connect with your customer

A conversational shopping experience connects you with your customers.

Provide support

WhatsApp allows you to provide support on your website and other digital channels.

The future of e-commerce is conversational

Provide a unique shopping experience by integrating WhatsApp to your business.

Selling through WhatsApp is easy if you have the right tool.

Empower your business with a direct and intimate connection with your customers.

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