Marketing and Tickets

Marketing Section: If you made the connection to your WhatsApp Business API account, you can send massive WhatsApp messages, with personalized Templates, to clients or potential clients.

Marketing Section: Add your customers to make them available to receive marketing campaigns.

Marketing section: Here you can create new template messages to send by WhatsApp with up to 3 languages ​​available.

In each template you can preview the whatsapp content, as well as add variables to change the name of the client, date, etc.

You can also customize your templates by adding images.

In the campaign section, your template messages are sent to your clients.

To launch a new campaign, click on “Add” and fill in the required information.

Tickets section: In this tab you will find all the tickets or “required actions” that your agents have referred to the emails that you have entered in “Settings – Notifications”.


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