WhatsApp Commerce, the great Digital Avenue

July 8, 2022

One of the key aspects in an eCommerce strategy is to know how to choose the “Digital Avenues” where we will place our eCommerce and, more importantly, to identify the Avenues with the highest growth potential.

I still remember the year 2000, I was starting my career in the digital world at DeRemate.com, which knew how to position itself as one of the leading companies in the early days of Latin American eCommerce.

At that time, Google was starting its meteoric career to become the main digital avenue in the world.

They already had available their platform for advertising through keywords, much more basic than the current one, almost an MVP, and in DeRemate I had the opportunity to learn about this “new way of advertising”.

The “new way” was based on placing your ad in front of potential customers who at that very moment were looking for what the company offers, the intersection between supply and demand, a historical milestone in terms of advertising where, until that moment, it was known that 50% of the advertising budget was wasted, the problem was that it was not known which 50%.

From that moment on, I understood that a fundamental part of the success of an eCommerce is to take advantage of the “Digital Avenues”, areas where customers spend their time, connect, get information, search, converse.

With this in mind, it was easy to identify where to put the focus, after Google came Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Instagram, YouTube and… WhatsApp.

Now… I would like to stop and punctuate on WhatsApp, as it has the same “Eureka” moment that I experienced with Google in 2000.

While social networks, Blogs, YouTube are fantastic arenas to advertise, publicize an eCommerce and generate sales, WhatsApp as a “Digital Avenue” is more than that.

WhatsApp for Business is slowly becoming the conjunction of commerce, conversation and social, and this is what makes this “Digital Avenue” different from the others.

On WhatsApp, businesses can, in one place, showcase their products, sell and get paid but, most importantly, connect with their customers and achieve explosive word-of-mouth.

How easy is it to share a contact and save it on WhatsApp? Have you ever thought about it?

More importantly, how easy is it to log into WhatsApp, search for a contact and start a conversation?

And what’s next… How easy is it to log in to WhatsApp, search for your favorite pizzeria, supermarket, cosmetics store, fashion store (and a long etcetera) and make a purchase while you are being served?

That’s where we are going, and I want to leave you with a reflection… What will happen to the traditional eCommerce model? Showcases that show products in a unilateral way with images and text, with URLs difficult to remember, long and boring payment gateways, complex to navigate and, most importantly, without giving the customer the possibility to inquire, consult and feel advised.

Will Conversational Commerce really be the evolution of eCommerce?

At ChatCenter.net we can help you build your Conversational Commerce strategy, integrate your eCommerce to WhatsApp and provide human attention in all your social channels.

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