Customer service EVOLUTION from 1960 to 2020

October 21, 2020
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From the beginning, the evolution of Customer Service has always been related to the development of technology that facilitates the way we communicate. Currently, we are at a point where this service has taken advantage of all the opportunities that the digital era offers to include Artificial Intelligence to streamline processes.

One of the great changes, which marked a before and after in the race to increase efficiency in the attention, took place in the 60’s with the emergence of the Call Centers. The telephone was the master of this service because it made communication easier and faster, shortening distances and increasing user satisfaction.

In the 70’s, voice recorders also began to be incorporated into the customer service departments, another great advance to avoid the collapse due to the number of calls.

During the 80’s and 90’s, an incredible technological expansion took place and, at the same time, the value of offering a more personal and individualized service began to be seen, so that innovative marketing strategies with loyalty purposes emerged.

In the 2000’s, at the beginning of the Internet era, and its main means of communication, e-mail, users were able to express in writing all their problems and questions in texts that, for the first time, left a record of the communication. In addition, another tremendous advance emerged: the professionalization of customer service teams within companies.

Web pages, such as product catalogs, shortened the time users spent searching to get what they wanted, and frequently asked questions became more specific, reducing the time needed to contact and relate to each customer. And with the need to get an instant response, the ONLINE CHAT was added in recent years, with the aim of resolving doubts as quickly and efficiently as possible to retain customers and increase their satisfaction.

The last stage in the evolution of this service is led by the Social Networks, which became popular since 2010, where more and more active customers participate and demand a better service and where the effort of companies should be the maximum to avoid negative comments and the speed with which they influence new potential customers.

Customer service has become the voice of the brands and users check the comments of other customers when making an acquisition, so companies are increasingly looking for immediacy and quality in their service.

This shows that the traditional concept of customer service has evolved from satisfying the needs and expectations of the customer to anticipating the needs and expectations of the added value of the users, seeking their loyalty and permanence.

And already in 2020, buyers are prioritizing the simplicity and convenience of using a chatbot to connect with brands – if they can save a few minutes – although human interaction is still valued positively.

Scheduling shifts, changing flights, asking questions before a purchase and performing banking transactions are just some of the services we can currently do with the help of Artificial Intelligence. However, if a problem arises, consumers seek human assistance to solve it. That is why the most successful Digital Customer Care solutions combine human and artificial intelligence and have achieved an optimal balance between both.

Whatever option your company chooses, the most important thing, obviously, is always to offer the customer the best possible experience when connecting with your brand.

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