It’s time to increase your online sales

With some fundamental strategies and marketing tactics, you can capture the benefits of this trend to increase your online sales and generate loyalty to your company. Understanding your target audience is important – when you have a physical store, you can talk to your customers on the spot and find out what appeals to them. […]

The 5 most important elements of an Ecommerce customer success strategy

The customer experience plan of any ecommerce organization is the cornerstone of achieving business goals. Not only does it increase ROI, but it also drives the overall performance of your company. Understanding what eCommerce customer success is and what it can achieve for your organization is critical. Customer satisfaction drives brand image and brand loyalty. […]

5 great recent advances in robotics

“It’s great to work with computers. They don’t argue, they remember everything and they don’t drink your beer”, said Paul Leary. Today, advances in robotics happen one after the other leaving us with eyes wide open and improving fields as diverse as medicine, agriculture, education, the environment, retail or gastronomy, in addition to numerous industrial […]

Algorithm and personalization in the content industry

What role do algorithms play in your daily life? Certainly, they have more importance than you think. When you do a Google search for an academic paper, you receive an advertisement for a discounted sports shoes in your mail, when you ask a virtual assistant where to have sushi tonight, you talk to a commercial […]

5 books that predicted 21st century technologies that we use today

When the smartphone still did not exist, the human being didn’t even dream of stepping on the Moon and the Internet was something of a distant future, visionary artists, geniuses and writers created books that predicted technologies that we use today. From spectacular outer space discoveries to the use of Artificial Intelligence that intelligent chatbots […]

Add a chatbot in your company from the beginning

Start ups and businesses may result highly benefited from a chatbot. From OhWhatAChat, we want to tell you why and how you can incorporate it to your business model. Did you know that half of clients leave a company website because they have no online support for getting assistance?  It is as if someone comes […]

Artificial intelligence arrives to the health industry

linics and hospitals began to use chatbots in order to maintain a fluid communication with their patients.  In Spain, the Clínica Humana implemented “Rosa”, a bot which handles the follow-up, monitoring and health control of almost 1,000 patients every day throughout a simple chat, similar to the one used to communicate with families and friends. […]

Your Chabot’s Patience

Some clients require a very personalized and highly detailed assistance regarding their requirements as well as specific responses to their queries. Chatbots, in contrast with human beings, never lose their temper and are always well-disposed. However, it is necessary to plan the user experience and your bot programming in order to avoid failing. Chatbots are […]

Artificial Intelligence for SMEs: The Urgent Need to Have a Chatbot

Customers’ expectations increase every day; they expect an updated customer service including quick and reliable payment transactions, a fast request processing, an easy shopping experience, a personal approach and much more. In the democratization of the access to new technologies, it is the time of chatbots for SMEs. To make a few simple questions about […]

Bots: Partners for Internal Communications

Chatbots not only assist clients’ requests but also increase employees’ access, efficiency and satisfaction in their work environment since they are easy to use, to set up and to implement. They are a chance to improve internal communications and company operations. We will tell you how. When any of the 450 employees of  Overstock (a […]