Summer Season: The Ideal Season to Install your Chatbot

May 15, 2019

During the Summer Season, the demand and activity turn down. Therefore, it is the ideal Season to install a Chatbot, a tool that allows you to be closer to your clients and to increase your sales.

Across many industries, the activity tends to decrease during the Summer Season and thus, it is a time to develop everything that was postponed during the year. With empty places due to vacations, offices become ideal sites where to organize, plan, advance tasks, and why not? to think about the installation of a virtual assistant that enables your employees to qualitatively and quantitatively maximize their time.

OhWhatAChat is a chatbot or virtual assistant that provides customer support in real time thus ending with delays in responses and meeting your needs. It is a tool that enables you to be closer to your buyers, to reply efficiently 24/7, and to increase your sales.

OhWhatAChat was developed under a simple, friendly and easily installed platform,  so that everyone (no matter his/her technology knowledge) can use it.

How does it work?

  1. Train your ChatBot by creating a knowledge base with all frequently asked questions and answers from your customers.
  2. Your customers obtain immediate answers from your ChatBot based upon the information you provided and it only refers key queries to you.
  3. It takes all key queries from your OhWhatAChat account in the web or from the app in your mobile phone.
  4. It captures contact data that will be answered lately in case the query is made outside working hours.

We have a solution for each company. We encourage you to create an account and to start using OhWhatAChat right now!

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