Banks Also Join Chatbots

November 1, 2019

Every day financial services institutions need to be closer to their customers, to offer customized products,  to build confidence and to meet their demands on time. Therefore, they have already added instant messaging applications with artificial intelligence or bots to their communication channels. Read how below.

Most banks have already added —or are currently adding— instant messaging tools (like chatbots) branding and customizing them according to their clients’ individual needs. This is the case of BBVA in Spain, which has already its chatbot that allows clients to login from their social media or WhatsApp.

This technology , which has resulted in 4,000 million dollars investments around the world (Y Media Labs Insights) , may considerably benefit the bank sector. Financial institutions realized that these communication channels are increasingly being used, and they bring their customers closer and retain them, providing with financial information about their assets instantly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Furthermore, clients can operate and make payments in a simple way optimizing their time and without the need to log out from their social media or to open or install an application.

The financial chatbot is a robot programmed by the bank institution that learns through artificial intelligence and intends to simulate a human conversation with the user. Through messages —which may be voice messages in a near future— the client will have answers to many questions, like, for instance, checking his balance, having his CBU, getting a list of the closest ATMs, and much more. In the case of the banks, it is about adding one more communication channel that young people —and not so young— are already using in their daily lives. They can be closer to people according to current times. In conclusion, through a chatbot the aim is to make clients feel comfortable so they can have a relationship with their bank wherever and whenever they want.

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