Trust Is All Your Chatbot Needs

October 15, 2019

Frequently, human beings fail. However, to trust each other drives us to generate long-term relationships. Something similar happens with chatbots. To generate a bot that has confidence is key to establish a relationship with your client. In this note, we will discuss about how it is created.

When a visitor visits your website, he/she is searching for information about the products you sell and expects to get it with a quality service, with accurate and reliable data.

When generating your virtual assistant, it is important to take into account that it should provide trust and security. The user´s experience at this point is essential to be able to turn this visitor into a purchaser. Therefore, since the chatbot is a (conversation) simulator, it needs to be built in a “human and crafted” way.

Below you will find some useful tips:

1. Turn your chatbot into a “real” person

It is necessary to generate a realistic experience in a way that your potential client may think that he/she is talking with a human being; or at least, that he/she may not think that there is a robot on the other side; that is to say, he/she does not have to be concerned about it.

Something that usually helps is to include the photo of someone that works in your company, and not a picture from an image bank or your isologotype.  The chat robot will introduce itself as a human being, will welcome you and may say: “I´m John. How can I help you?” The experience should be similar as when we step into a store and the vendor approaches us.

2. A more human chatbot for the conversion

If it were necessary an interaction with the vendor, we suggest that he/she would devote some minutes to read the conversation between your client and the chat robot. This will show the service quality and surely he/she will return any time because it was a satisfactory experience.

3. Pleasant tone

Although the language used in your bot should reflect the branding and the communication tone, it should always be friendly and helpful, when answering all doubts arising from the conversation. Occasionally, your clients may use the virtual assistant when looking for a solution to a problem during the purchase process. Actually, they may even use it when filing a claim, which helps to the fact that the client always receives a friendly answer. Unlike us bots never lose their temper.

4. Your chat robot may become your client’s best friend.

He will be there to help you to choose the best option. Or to assist you with your doubts about different product options. Undoubtedly, your bot will help you to create the brand image of your company.

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