Bots: Partners for Internal Communications

November 15, 2019

Chatbots not only assist clients’ requests but also increase employees’ access, efficiency and satisfaction in their work environment since they are easy to use, to set up and to implement. They are a chance to improve internal communications and company operations. We will tell you how.

When any of the 450 employees of  Overstock (a company based in the USA) does not feel good, he lets the chatbot know, leaving a message. Prior verification, the manager is advised that this employee must be replaced. This process is quicker through the use of a bot. The heads of the company even assure that since chatbot implementation they can meet their schedule and replace employees faster, which saves money and time.

Chatbots AI are virtual assistants/software that can have a conversation with people due to artificial intelligence. Although the main application of this tool is the interaction with customers —since a chatbot is available 24/7, 365 days a year—, companies started to report its usefulness inside the company.

Another case is the replacement or maximization of the Intranet via chatbot implementation. Although this system is widely used in big companies, the Intranet lacks some features that can be solved with these conversational agents, for example, the difficulty to find the right information in the right moment. As a solution, it is possible to introduce OhWhatAChat , the bot that can solve employees’ queries and answer questions easily and quickly. The chatbot will have to be programmed to answer any question that may cause any action/decision the company makes.

Likewise, this new technology is very useful to provide accurate information on certain activities within a company; therefore, we need our employees to have this data quickly and whenever they need them. Simple, easy and intuitive chatbots will be an important factor in our digital work space in a near future since they can solve daily problems and provide information instantly.

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