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August 31, 2021
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Surely, you have heard about Artificial Intelligence and that in the not so distant future it would replace many of the tasks that humans do. But don’t worry, it’s not science fiction and it’s simpler than you might think. From ChatCenter we want to clarify this distrustful view of technology and tell you that chatbot and humans working together is the best solution for immediate attention on digital channels.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is already among us, it is impossible to stop it and it advances steadily throughout our lives, even if we do not see it, feel it or shake hands with it. But it is necessary to clarify that it is not a threat to sources of work, but quite the opposite.

The most important audiovisual platforms (Netflix, YouTube, etc.), suggest personalized content, under the use of artificial intelligence through information processed through algorithms. Facebook, for example, uses an algorithm to control the wall of publications and shows the user what “algorithmically” it assumes the user expects to see, based on “likes”, searches, friends and previous visits to profiles. Another case is that of YouTube, where your robot collates the reproductions, actions, references, comments and the average duration of visualization for each user, to show them suggestions for personalized content based on their consumption preferences records. These are just a few examples, we could continue.

Companies are using the new Artificial Intelligence rules to advance innovation and profitability. But it is also important to incorporate the idea of ​​“collaborative intelligence”, meaning that as humans and intelligent machines collaborate more and more closely, work processes become more fluid and adaptable. Artificial Intelligence is changing all the rules of how companies operate.


ChatBot and humans working together on customer service

For sure, you heard that customer service was dying due to all the robots, machines and new technologies that are breaking through, and this perception generates uncertainty. However, due to Artificial Intelligence, the customer service industry is growing and evolving and, what is more relevant, it is based on helping employees to do their jobs better and above all to generate greater sales opportunities to the Business.

Although still, Artificial Intelligence does not have the capacity to replicate absolutely all human language, through chatbots it is possible to take the frequently asked questions and leave the most complex or important queries to the human. This intervention helps reduce repetitive tasks and focus on higher value-added customer relationships.

This way, a chatbot solves simple queries and becomes a self-management tool for the customer, while human agents are available for more complex tasks such as accompanying the user throughout their purchase process, suggesting products, or answering complaints.


Digital customers want to be treated as a priority, not waiting for hours to be served, or even days as happens with emails. User experience is vital in the sales process. And since your goal is to retain current customers and get new ones, ChatCenter gives you the ability to generate new customers faster and more efficiently, and have current customers improve their loyalty to your brand.

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