Chatbots are here to stay

June 15, 2019

Robots are invading our lives to make them easier. The news is that they have now arrived to the world of the companies to make them grow via artificial intelligence and chatbots. See how below.

At the end of October 2015, Google admitted the company was using RankBrain, an artificial intelligence system, to interpret a “large fraction” of search queries. RankBrain meant a better Processing of the Natural Language (NLP) to help to find content relevance according to the queries as well as a better interpretation of Voice Search and user’s context.

Similarly, Tesla “autopilot feature” is another example of artificial intelligence that may be a part of our daily life in a near future.

In the early 90’s and in the beginning of the XXI Century, the expansion of artificial intelligence arrived due to the following 2 reasons: On the one hand, there was an increase of the computing capacity of the computers; on the other, digitalization resulted in large amounts of data that may be processed to obtain value from them. As a consequence, there was an unparalleled investment by technological companies since products, services and insights that add value to the companies and the society may be obtained by applying analytics and algorithms on data.

The robots that arrive to revolutionize the private sector are undoubtedly chatbots, a trend that is here to stay. A chatbot is a software created for working on its own.

Chatbots or virtual assistants are the bot evolution since they are capable of simulating a conversation as if they were real people. Which is incredible is that, unlike the limited productivity of a call center, they can talk 24/7/365, in different languages, and interact with hundreds of thousands of human beings at the same time with an immediate speed response. Moreover, although they are immune to feelings, they can communicate kindly and respectfully.

OhWhatAChat is the AI chatbot your company needs. Through software, artificial intelligence and NLP, it is capable to chat with people using customized and cognitive answers when users make frequently asked questions.

In order to have a satisfactory experience, OhWhatAChat uses simple and coherent phrases with key words that that are determined in different decision trees with a high degree of empathy with the audience. Therefore, the bot identifies the keywords or topics to provide optimal answers and have a logical conversation. When the Chatbot requires a more significant participation, the conversation is referred to a human being.

The implementation of a chatbot results in an increase of efficiency in customer service without having to increase the number of employees (if a human being can answer only one phone call at a time, a virtual assistant can have unlimited online conversations at the same time).

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