Chatbots Reach Fashion Brands

September 15, 2019

“Powered by Artificial Intelligence and the big data, the greatest e-commerce platforms can turn an impersonal environment into something highly personal”, as stated by The State of Fashion 2018, in a report carried out by McKinsey, a consulting firm. Chatbots begin to have a leading role among style brands by personalized recommendations and smarter product supply chains.

From dressmaking with fabrics that respond and adapt to your body’s temperature or that include sunscreens to the most innovative user experience at the point of sale through intelligent mirrors which suggest other clothes to complete an outfit, fashion cannot escape from the scope of Artificial Intelligence, like any other industry.

Undoubtedly, these technologies have not yet been taken to the masses; however, they are pointing the right way. Clothing brands are aware that they have to walk this way and provide a unique experience. Through applications that ask about preferences when it comes to dressing up, companies are seeking more and more to get to know their customers, their preferences and behaviors.

In this sense, AI chatbots have become an essential tool. They can guide a purchase process, suggest clothes’ sizes, and even ask about preferences when dressing time arrives. The purchase is as important as getting information about a potential customer. This data can be used to predict what he/she wishes, needs or may want in the future and to offer it to him/her firstly.

The goal is that the customer visits your page over and over again. To get a 100% satisfaction in the purchase and assistance process. Most of the efficiency of this process is due to the virtual assistants of online stores. They are there 24/7 to answer on time and in an appropriate manner to that customer that needs to know if there is still size of a specific garment.

Do you have a fashion brand and want to differentiate? Install now your artificial intelligence chatbot! You can have the benefits of being available for your customers whenever they need you and to store valuable information about their tastes and preferences, thus enabling you to maximize your business.

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