Companies that evolved to conversational commerce

September 24, 2021
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More and more companies decide to implement conversational commerce solutions. The advent of the Internet and social networks has provided innumerable advantages to small and medium-sized businesses. What used to be expensive, like marketing, is now only a few clicks away and costs less. Regardless of the sector or size of the business, chat tools with human agents are increasingly present in the digital environment.


What is conversational commerce?

We can define conversational commerce as the union of companies and messaging applications, available on social networks, in order to facilitate customer service and increase sales. Instead of using their own applications, companies use messaging applications that customers already use to communicate with consumers (such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Chat on the website).

Companies like ChatCenter, allow you to implement complete solutions for conversational commerce in a simple way and at a low cost. Implementing a 24-hour chat on your website will allow you to improve customer satisfaction and increase your online sales.


We invite you to meet some of the companies that, together with ChatCenter, evolved into conversational commerce:


Maria Eugenia Raffaelle
Managing Director – Globant

“From the first contact to the day-to-day work, the Chatcenter team has been the most humane and committed to the needs and objectives of StarMeUp. From the recommendations towards the construction of the knowledge center to the feedback to their team to optimize the speech, they have managed to become part of the team and show themselves to be a fundamental piece for contact with clients and potential businesses.
Thanks to the work methodology and the nature of the chat with real people, we have been able to build an additional sales channel to capture the need in real time and be able to manage clear next steps in view of a prospect. With a direct connection with the internal sales force, we build a super fluid flow in how we talk about our solutions to support in the conversion of a session to a lead, which we then advance in the funnel to customer.
Very happy to work together and make them part of our business development. ”


José Roggero
Ecommerce & Online Marketing Manager – Assist Card

“We incorporated Chat Center in times of pandemic and great uncertainty, where the user of the Assist Card site began to have doubts and concerns of all kinds before embarking on their trip. The main objective of this action was to help the user and provide a better experience in the hiring process within Flow.
The results were very successful, not only were we able to give greater support and guidance to the user in such complex times to make a trip, but we also had a direct impact on the conversion rate and revenue from the activation of the chat. ”


Cristina De la Fuente
Business Manager – Grupo El Comercio

“The migration from telephone service to chat service with Chat Center has been a success. We started with a test and working with a single vertical. Currently, we work with 4 business units. Our clients are extremely satisfied with the service provided, reaching unimaginable satisfaction rates. ”


Aurora Miño
Business Manager – Hudson Cocinas

“It is noted that the responses to customers are given by trained and trained humans to respond to all kinds of concerns.
Our customers are extremely satisfied due to the excellent pre-purchase experience.
It is a great solution for times of high demand such as Hot Sale, since the immediate response produces more sales. ”


Maria del Mar Freydell
Brand Leader – Mundo Unico

“The experience has been highly positive. We feel accompanied at all times and with constant suggestions regarding customer service. The onboarding process has been faster than expected since they have specialist teams that guide the assembly of the knowledge base. One of the advantages that we have found is the omnichannel integration, this allows us to provide 24 × 7 support in a comprehensive way and with immediate responses. ”


Helena Pagés
Top Brand Experience Team- FitFiu

“It was a very simple process and we were very accompanied and guided in the activation of the account.
It takes away volume from daily operations, an essential point since from the brand we are overloaded with work ”
Do you want to know how to implement a chat attended 24 hours a day? Schedule a meeting with the ChatCenter team, and discover the best conversational commerce solution for your business. ”


Do you want to know how to implement a livechat with agentes available 24×7? Schedule a meeting with the ChatCenter team, and discover the best conversational commerce solution for your business.

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