¿What is a Chatbot and how does it work?

April 1, 2019

A chatbot is the most affordable, effective and quickest solution to assist a user or a client with your product or service features.

Chatbot, as its name indicates, is a mix between a robot and a chat: it can take, at least, 50% of the tasks or answers delivered by a human being when assisting a client through technology of artificial intelligence.

It is a quick and an affordable way to answer the questions a client may have about the features of your product or your service. Instead of wasting several minutes answering telephone calls or e-mails, the chat robot enables an automatic reply with the same politeness and friendliness of a human being.

¿Can you imagine a service imitating the capacity of an unlimited number of operators 24/7? The function of chatbot is to provide a similar service to the one offered by a call center, but instantly and at a significantly more affordable cost.

Through the development of a computer program within a messenger app, this technology enables the client to have a conversation with your company. Although the first software that was able to reply automatically was developed by IBM in 1964, only a few years ago they became relevant as they were used in mass devices like mobile telephones.

On the other hand, the advancement of artificial intelligence provided the possibility to obtain even more advantages for the company that offers the service  as well as for the clients: in addition to recognizing our natural language and doing the things we ask for, a chat robot learns about habits and preferences of the user creating a closer relationship with your client.

¿Which are the benefits?

  1. Quickness: Your client or prospect receives instant replies, without delays, offering them the benefit of their time caring.
  2. Improves the process of communication with your clients. They will love your quick response time and the solutions you offer to their requests, thanks to your better knowledge about them.
  3. Presence in all your channels: With a simple Messenger app, we can open all the conversations you want in stores and services.
  4. Natural language: Like the one used in real life.
  5. Easy to implement and run.
  6. Efficiency: The user gets more with less. Moreover, a 24 hour virtual assistant in your web site allows you to optimize your investment in technical support or customer service, so you can focus on those key tasks of your business.

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