Add a chatbot in your company from the beginning

January 15, 2020

Start ups and businesses may result highly benefited from a chatbot. From OhWhatAChat, we want to tell you why and how you can incorporate it to your business model.

Did you know that half of clients leave a company website because they have no online support for getting assistance?  It is as if someone comes in a store to buy the products which appear in the shop window, and there are no sellers to assist him. This would be crazy!

The 4th.revolution has come to stay and extend in itself.  We cannot afford not thinking in digital mode.  The company that we are developing or the start up should be planned in a digital market if we want to make it work and  be established in the future.

We recommend that you develop and add a commercial chatbot to your brand digital store, website or e-commerce, that can serve clients 365/7/24.

One of the most common errors of some companies is that digital service is carried out only during working hours, thus neglecting their clients, minimizing the user experience and, obviously, losing sales. A person that is unattended when he/she decided to make an inquiry or purchase a product will hardly visit your site again; mostly if your brand is not positioned in the market.

Smartphones completely changed the purchase process.  Today, anyone can buy late at night or from abroad with a smartphone. To  have a virtual assistant or bot that provides you with a quality UX which serve your requirements and needs will be key to build a solid company or start up image.

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