Consumers Prefer to Communicate Via Chatbots

June 1, 2019

How many times were you unable to service your customer on time? Did you think about the many times you miss a sale chance simply because you were not available to assist him/her? It is about time for you to install your chatbot!

It’s true: Our life lies on a mobile phone.

And brands know it.

Therefore, the number of platforms that brands need to keep is growing on daily basis thus increasing marketing campaigns through several channels.

On the other hand, the size of each of the audiences also grew significantly. The approach of your company messages expands and, even in most cases, gets viralized. It is almost impossible to provide a feedback to each of your clients individually; it is merely not scalable. This is how the idea to implement chatbots becomes so popular now.

With the use of AI chatbots, vendors can link their accounts and update them from anywhere with just a message. Through a chatbot, you can send simple or programmed messages according to their content, the tracking of advertisements and provide a quick response to clients.

Conversational Bots

As we know, conversation is the traditional tool that guides the client purchase process. It is in the essence of the sale itself: from those that are closed in stores with the vendor’s persuasion, to the conversations that brands have with users in social networks.

There is an important decrease with respect to the response of clients to phone calls and e-mails. At present, conversations are digital. According to a HubSpot Inc. Survey (2017), 48% of consumers prefer using a chat rather than another method of contact. And 57% is particularly interested in artificial intelligence chatbots due to their promptness. However, just 2% of web sites have an installed chat robot to welcome their visitors.

Webpage visitors expect and immediate reply to their queries, as well as the chance to buy whatever they need easily and fast. Trade driven by bots with the conversational interface may result in a better shopping experience. Chatbots can handle the flow of information of millions of queries at the same time and create solid responses. Furthermore, they provide product recommendations and use their experience to improve conversations. These services may improve the whole retail service and also capture comments and product analysis from the users.

It is a reality: If you do not have a Chatbot, your company loses potential clients, sales, and earnings. Act fast. Make your client love you, install now your OhWhatAChat!

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