Digital Assisted Selling

August 27, 2021
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Digital Assisted Selling consists of the advice and resolution of doubts by the sellers, to the possible client, in order to close a sale. In the digital world, this can be replicated thanks to direct communication channels (online chat, WhatsApp, social networks) and e-commerce platforms with functionalities that allow the customer to carry out the entire purchase process.

According to the State of Retail Report, 88% of consumers say they are more likely to buy when they are helped or receive recommendations from store employees. That is why assisted digital selling is one of the best strategies to guide the customer by the hand until they make the purchase.


Digital Sellers – Digital Assisted Selling

Guide your customers throughout their purchase process with a chat agent available on your website.
Selling is a human task, and in the digital world, automated tools still fail to have the necessary empathy to close sales online. A chat tool will allow you to have a team of sellers connected and ready to serve all your customers immediately as if they were the sellers in your physical store.
In an assisted sales model, your chatters can incentivize sales and improve the relationship with users. What directly influences the conversion rate, growing your business.



Digital strategies are usually composed of the integration of several platforms, and coordinated actions on multiple channels.
It is important to understand that the digital realm is not only the internet but the integration with traditional media. Multichannel efforts returns better results than any of the channels alone.
Companies such as ChatCenter, provide multi-channel assisted sales services, placing human agents to serve all your digital channels from the same platform.


Shared cart

Various ecommerce platforms allow customers to set up carts remotely. Vtex, an ecommerce and marketplace platform, has a shared cart option, where an internal agent can set up the customer’s cart live, facilitating the online purchase process. In this way, your salespeople simplify the purchase process for the customer, at the same time that they can suggest promotions and products related to the purchase.
This new way of selling online with a shared cart or “Social Selling” quickly generates an increase in sales, being able to carry out a personalized follow-up and a totally digital assisted sale.



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