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August 18, 2021
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 Business customer service has become the voice of brands. Strengthening your brand in the digital world means offering a customer service that exceeds your clients expectations.


 Currently, consumers use an average of 2.7 channels per query to communicate with companies, according to the study “The mandate of intelligent customer service” by Forrester Consulting. 9 out of 10 Spaniards are in favor of extended hours for customer service and having multiple contact channels. In this context, digital solutions applied on your service processes is essential to offer a service according to the needs of digital customers, the new protagonists of world trade.




 Digital customers live online, shop around the clock, and expect exceptional experiences from all brands. Digital channels have multiplied and are always at hand.

 For many customers, an immediate, non-resolving response is preferable to a response two to three days after you resolve the issue. Fulfilling this expectation is not easy, since the volume of messages varies a lot according to the schedule, and the costs of placing resources to attend them can be very high.




 Integrating several digital channels implies communications entering through different channels, many times simultaneously. Consider integrating all your channels on the same platform to facilitate their operation and be able to serve your channels with the same team of agents. Platforms such as ChatCenter, allow you to integrate various channels such as webchat, whatsapp business, Facebook and more.




 Eventually something can go wrong, and a product does not reach its destination or even arrive in poor condition, then your client needs to make a claim and that is where you have the opportunity to conquer it again. It facilitates the incident registration process with direct communication channels and platforms to generate customer service tickets and quickly resolve any incident.

 Zendesk and Freshdesk are platforms that allow you to generate tickets for each incident and refer them to those in charge of solving them, both can be integrated into your ChatCenter service. So you can register all complaints and resolve them to improve your customer satisfaction.



 Due to the complexity and costs involved in digital customer service, more and more companies are opting to outsource the service. Fortunately, there are specialized companies such as ChatCenter that offer their clients various tools and resources to cover this service effectively. These B2B solutions are ideal for achieving human digital customer service.


 The basis for the design of the strategy for online customer service is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think exactly how they want you to give them what you are already offering.


We leave you some of the CHARACTERISTICS of the digital client:


  • Expected personalization: digital customers look for a communication with the brands that is personalized where they address him by name, offer him what he wants and when he wants it.


  • Making good use of his time: clients value ​​a lot of quick answers to solve his previous doubts when making a purchase and also with the inconveniences during the after-sales.


  • Multitasking: While talking to your brand, customers can be watching television, listening to music, eating or chatting on WhatsApp with several other people.


  • Impatience: you have become used to having the information you need to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Having to wait causes him rejection and in many cases makes him look for other alternatives.


  • Expect honesty: it tends to contrast the veracity of brand messages through third-party sources, which are generally other customers. He evaluates the honesty of the messages and if he detects that they are trying to manipulate him, he rejects the communication.


  • Clients want to feel heard: it is important for the online consumer to be in contact with the brand and to feel that there is a human on the other side listening. You want to express to the company what you do not like, but also what you do like and, as far as possible, establish a fluid dialogue.

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