Digital customers expect a lot from your company

October 13, 2020
Chat Center Network
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One of the things that has changed the most with the digital transformation has been the behavior of customers when they buy. The digital customer is more informed, is more adept at finding what they want and wants to have personalized experiences that are completely adapted to their needs.

So, to satisfy this kind of demanding customer, companies have to work very hard. It is increasingly difficult to maintain their loyalty and attention as they access a large amount of information. The real challenge for companies is to be able to capture this elusive customers and keep them happy.

Being connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is relevant in absolutely everything, not only to be able to buy, but also to claim and receive immediate answers.

The basis for designing the strategy for online customer service is to put yourself in their mind and think how exactly they want you to give them what you are already offering.

These are some of the FEATURES of your digital customer:

– Expect personalization: look for a communication with brands that is personalized where they address him by his name, offer him what he wants and when he wants it.

Make good use of their time: they appreciate being answered quickly and having their doubts resolved before making a purchase and also the inconveniences during the post-sale.

It’s multitasking: While you’re being attended to online you can be watching TV, listening to music, eating or chatting on Whatsapp with several other people.

It’s impatient: You’ve grown accustomed to having the information you need to make decisions quickly and effectively. Having to wait causes him to be rejected and in many occasions causes him to look for other alternatives.

Expects honesty: tends to contrast the veracity of the brands’ messages through third party sources that are usually other clients. He evaluates the honesty of the messages and if he detects that they are trying to manipulate him, he rejects the communication.

Wants to feel heard: it is important for the online consumer to be in touch with the brand and feel that there is a human on the other side listening. He wants to express to the company what he does not like, but also what he does like and as far as possible to engage in a fluid dialogue.

In order to give you concrete data about this, I am going to share with you the results that we have measured in CHAT Center Network in the last year and a half, attending in a personalized way to the digital clients of our own clients, which are companies.

In CHAT Center Network , we work with a chat system that integrates robots and humans trained to understand and solve all the needs, and taking into account all the characteristics, of the type of user I described in this article.

– We achieved a 30% increase in the conversion rate in the companies’ sites. In other words, our clients increased their sales!

– We responded in just 20 seconds when we received each chat (the average time expected is 22 seconds). In other words, they don’t get tired of waiting.

– We proved that hiring an external and specialized company like us is 40% cheaper than providing this service with internal resources.

– We increased by 80% the level of satisfaction of our own clients’ final consumers.

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