LiveChat: 10 Surprising Facts

September 6, 2021
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Implementing a livechat on your page will allow you to interact with your digital customers immediately, being able to better know what their needs are and how to attend them. In this article we go over 10 surprising facts about chat solutions.


97% of global consumers say that customer service is important in choosing a brand.
(Source: Customer Think)

Digital customers want to be served in a personalized way and at any time of the day. Offering tools and quick solutions through good customer service went from being a differential, to a necessity for companies.


71% of people believe that live online chat will outgrow traditional support channels by the end of 2021.
(Source: bold360)

The accelerated transformation that began in 2020 led to the increase in solutions for the digital environment, and live chat expanded rapidly mainly in e-commerce.


44% of digital consumers say that having questions answered by a live person during an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer.
(Source: Inc.)

A live chat allows you to maintain a close relationship with your customers. Accompanying them throughout the purchase process is the best way to increase the conversion rate and the average purchase ticket.


53% of customers are likely to abandon their purchase if they cannot find quick answers to their questions.
(Source: Forrester)

Users expect quick purchase processes, and when they have a question or problem, they require immediate responses to finalize the purchase and not abandon the purchase.


24% of digital users say that long waiting times are their biggest frustration.
(Source: Kayako)

Opening a Chat on your website means being open to receiving many messages at the same time. Companies like ChatCenter offer teams of chat agents to answer all your customers’ questions immediately.


60% of customers expect an immediate response when communicating with livechat.
(Source: Hubspot)

Opening the chat window and not finding an agent online right now can be a huge frustration for your clients. Responding immediately will allow you not to miss any sales opportunity


More than 30% of customers expect a livechat on a website
(Source: Forrester)

And this trend will only increase as more companies implement chat solutions in their ecommerce stores.

41% of customers think that a company that offers livechat on its website is more trustworthy.
(Source: WhosOn)

Live chat on your page allows your customers to access your company directly and through an official channel.


41% of consumers prefer to be offered support over live chat, more than any other channel.
(Source: Kayako)

And in turn, chat is the channel with the highest satisfaction rate among customers. This is mainly due to the immediacy and the possibility of interacting with your brand without leaving the page and abandoning the purchase process.

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