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July 1, 2019

For your Chatbot to get 100% of efficiency, it is key you plan its functionality. As up to now, the development of Artificial Intelligence has not been able to imitate the full human language, it is necessary that you form an alliance with your chatbot and that your team can answer the most strategic queries.

According to a survey developed by Drift.com, in 2018, 27% of consumers would be ready to purchase throughout a chatbot. But it is deemed that these numbers will begin to increase exponentially: By 2035, Artificial Intelligence will duplicate the annual economic growth rates in the developed countries and will improve productivity in 40%.

Undoubtedly, Chatbots’ rol in this process is key. However, it is also key for those companies including a virtual assistant to their business model, to efficiently plan the inclusion of this tool.

Computational Linguistics has still its limitations. That is, if a chat robot is able to decode any query through the recognition of key words and the understanding of their meaning, it is still necessary for human beings to be involved in more complex queries.

OhWhatAChat is the Chat robot that rapidly and efficiently answers the most usual questions of your clients, thus helping you to reduce handling of repetitive queries. They obtain immediate information and you control key queries from your cell phone or computer. Our efficiently set up virtual assistants generate further customer commitment, retention and loyalty and, therefore, your sales increase.

How does it work? Your customers obtain immediate answers from your ChatBot based upon the information you provided and it only refers key queries to you. Thus, Oh What A Chat, provides you the perfect balance between virtual and human assistance, and ensures you the best user experience.

To create an account and begin using Oh What A Chat is very easy! Please complete this brief form.

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