Know How OhWhatAChat Works

May 1, 2019

OhWhatAChat is the first chatbot that can work with your employees to offer the best customer service. In three easy steps, you will enjoy this solution in your company.

Having OhWhatAChat in your company is a quick and an affordable way to answer the questions a client may have about the features of your product or your service via a chatbot. Gone are the problems to communicate by phone or unanswered e-mails. The chat robot enables an automatic response at the same time that the client communicates, with the same human kindness.

OhWhatAChat is the first chatbot that can work with employees of the company in order to offer the best assistance. This means that every time the chat robot needs help, it sends the chat to a human operator who takes it and proceeds (in the web and by mobile device). The OhWhatAChat virtual assistant is ready to answer all frequently asked questions and leaves the most complex and important questions to humans.

At OhWhatAChat we want to make your customer interaction easier and better. Our efficiently set up ChatBot or virtual assistant generates further customer commitment, retention and loyalty and, therefore, your sales increase. At the same time, it opens a direct and immediate communication channel with them. Furthermore, having your OhWhatAChat set up enables you to have a 24/7 service.

The implementation of this virtual assistant is very easy. In three simple steps, you will have a built-in solution in your company:

  1. Train your ChatBot: Answers to most frequent queries are implemented..
  2. Install the ChatBot: Paste the script in your website code.
  3. Download the app: Install the application in your Apple or Android device and enter your user name and password.

¡Done! Start to enjoy this tool that will enable you to get more clients and retain the ones you already have.

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