Robots And Humans Together To Increase Your Sales

April 15, 2019

You have surely heard about Artificial Intelligence and that it will replace many of human beings tasks in the future. But do not worry! It is not about science fiction but easier than what you think. From OhWhatAChat we would like to demystify this mistrustful look towards technology and tell you that is time humans and robots work together.

The most important platforms of audiovisual media (Netflix, YouTube, etc.) provide customized content with the use of Artificial Intelligence throughout information processed via algorithms. Facebook., for instance, uses an algorithm to monitor the posts in its wall and shows the user what he is supposed to see “algorithmically”, based on “likes”, searches, friends and previous views to profiles. Another case is YouTube, where your robot compares reproductions, actions, references, comments and average time of views per user in order to show you customized content suggestions based on your records of consumer preferences. Below you will find some examples we may follow.

Companies are using the new rules of Inteligencia Artificial to progress on innovation and profitability. However, it is also important to incorporate the idea of “Collaborative Intelligence”. As soon as humans and intelligent machines cooperate more and more together, work processes become increasingly fluid and adaptable. Artificial Intelligence is changing all the rules of company operations.

Of course, you have heard that customer assistance was dying because of all these robots, machines and new technologies that are breaking into; and this results in uncertainty. However, due to Artificial Intelligence, the industry of customer service is growing and evolving. And what is more important, it is based on helping employees to do a better job and especially to create more sale opportunities for the companies.

Although Artificial Intelligence has no ability to replicate the whole human language, by using chat robots you can take frequently asked questions and leave more complex or important questions to humans. This helps to decrease the number of repetitive tasks and to focus on client relationships with a higher value added.

At present, clients want to be treated as a priority. They do not want to spend long hours to be assisted, or even days, as it happens with e-mails. OhWhatAChat  is the Artificial Intelligence solution that provides client support in real time, thus reducing waiting times to meet your needs. Furthermore, it is a virtual assistant always eager to help since it is always in a good mood and it is not subject to mood swings.

User experience is crucial in the sale process. And since the aim is to keep current clients loyalty and to get new clients, OhWhatAChat gives you the chance to generate new clients in the fastest and most efficient way so the present clients improve their loyalty with your brand.

Don´t you have chatbot in your company yet? Get to know the plans of OhWhatAChat!

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