Social Commerce, the key to eCommerce

The digital customer wants to be served in a personalized way, just like in the physical store.


“Thanks to the working methodology and the nature of chatting with real people we have been able to build an additional sales channel to capture the need in real time and be able to manage next steps of a prospect. Very happy to work together and make them part of our business development.”

María Eugenia Raffaele

Business Director Globant

Sell through conversations


Connect a chat to all your sales channels to increase your conversion.

Connect with your customers

A conversation generates empathy and connection with your customers.

Hybrid Solution

Attends with a Chatbot and agents to provide a more efficient service.

Connect your CRM

You will be able to send tickets to your CRM without leaving the platform.

Promotional messages

Send messages with offers and discounts, encourage your customers to start a chat.

Assists at Check Out

Provides assistance at the most important moment of the purchase.

Selling products and services through conversation.

In 2020 eCommerce grew tremendously, and social commerce became the key to connect with your customers and increase conversion.

Empower your business with a direct and intimate connection with your customers.

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