Myths and Truths About Chatbots

August 15, 2019

As always happens with new and unknown things, there is so much speculation about the applications and results new technologies offer. And Chatbots are not the exception. Here you will know the truth about it.

We are being witnesses and participants of a new era. The largest accommodation company has no hotel of its own at all. The biggest taxi company does not operate any vehicle. Everything becomes digital, simple and automated. Undoubtedly, when changes are so abrupt they generate insecurities and even rejections.

But, the point is: What attitude does my enterprise assume when facing new technologies? Are you looking for new ways to implement state-of-the-art and innovative technologies? AI chatbots can be the first thing to be incorporated. Below we will unveil some myths and truths about chat robots that will provide you with accurate information about how to implement them and the results they produce.

Myth: Applied technology works on its own.

When starting as well as in the closing of a sale, your chatbot will need a person in order to work appropriately. In order to perform effectively, it has to be trained and programmed by a human being, since there is a previous investigation to replicate the language and the behavior of the client.

Chatbots technology emerges to simplify processes, but, above all, to simplify customers’ life since they won’t need to fill endless forms, waste time waiting for a callcenter to assist them or waiting for an email response for days.

Truth: A Chatbot will maximize the performance of your sales team.

If we tell you that with just a 10% of improvement of leads quality (user that has provided his data to a company and, as a consequence, he becomes a registry within the enterprise database for the organization to be able to interact), it may result in a 40% improvement in sales productivity, wouldn’t you wonder: What do I have to implement right now?

Installing an artificial intelligence chatbot may be a great chance to increase the number of final transactions; that is to say, people can be first assisted by chatbots and then by human beings who persuade clients to do a transaction. Although it is not easy to generate engagement during the persuasion phase towards purchase within digital media, chatbots are great allies.

Myth: Chatbots are similar to the F.A.Q. in a web site.

This is more a fallacy than a myth. Frequently Asked Questions do not interact with the client, and the client cannot make a question again. Chatbots generate a service available to the client, as if they were human beings; they are even kind and speak with the same communication tone you use in your company.

Truth: Artificial Intelligence is a tool that helps companies to save time, effort and creates opportunities.

Chatbots deal with collecting all the information in 95% of the cases while your vendors would manage contacts with the necessary data without wasting time in the phase of discovering the client but focusing on his satisfaction and/or in the closure of conversations.

Moreover, they are a tool that helps people to make the most of their time and effort; a very intuitive solution for management that uses artificial intelligence to have natural conversations and provide your client with good experiences.

The solution is OhWhatAChat. Install your chatbot right now and begin to rely on the benefits of being at your clients’ disposal when they need you!

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